mercredi 2 avril 2014

Telosys Tools 2.1.0 is available

Telosys Tools 2.1.0 is a major version. It comes with some important new features.

Eclipse plugin improvement

The user interface has been improved (more intuitive, less manual operations)

The templates are now organized in "bundles"
A "bundle" is a set of templates, when a bundle is downloaded from GitHub is now immediately available (without any manual installation).
The "generation" process is now possible bundle by bundle

Static resources can been added in a bundle
A bundle can contain "static resources" that are just copied in their destination folder.
It's useful for different kind of static files (.css, .js, .properties, .xml, etc)

New templates

The new templates bundles are available on GitHub

Examples of available stacks :
  • MVC web app based on : Spring MVC + JPA or Spring Data
  • AngularJS web app based on : AngularJS + REST + SpringMVC + JPA or Spring Data
  • RESTfull API services : HATEOAS architecture + Spring Data REST / JPA

New tutorials are available here : 

Telosys Tools Tutorials

NB : the objects exposed in the Velocity context have been modified, then previous templates are not always compatible with this new version

There are now 3 GitHub organizations for the published templates:

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