jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Telosys Tools 2.0.6 - What's new ?

Packages management :

2 predefined variables have been added ( in "Properties / Telosys Tools : Packages" ) :
  - ${ROOT_PKG}  for the "root package"
  - ${ENTITY_PKG}  for the package where the entities classes are located

Examples for Java :
${ROOT_PKG}  :   ""
${ENTITY_PKG} : ""  ( or "", etc )

If you need other packages variables, they can be defined in the tab "Variables"
With a name like "DAO_PKG", "SERVICE_PKG", etc... ( ending with "_PKG" )

These variables can be used in the templates (.vm files) and in the targets definition ( templates.cfg file ). In the targets each variable ending by "_PKG" and used in the folder definition is transformed into a folder path ( ie : "" becomes "org/foo/bar" ). Hence the package variables can be used to define the destination of the code generation.

Examples in a template  :
  • import ${ROOT_PKG}.cache.${}Cache ;

Examples in targets definition (destination folder) :
  • ${SRC}/${ENTITY_PKG}
  • ${SRC}/${ROOT_PKG}/cache

NB :
For an existing project these two variables must be defined before any code generation. 
(your previous package configuration will be lost )
Check their values in "Properties / Telosys Tools : Packages" after installation of this new version 


Database configuration :

With Telosys Tools 2.0.6 it's no longer useful to define the databases with a text editor (databases.dbcfg file ).

It's now possible to configure databases entirely in the specialised editor (new, update, delete) :


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