jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Telosys Tools 2.0.6 - What's new ?

Packages management :

2 predefined variables have been added ( in "Properties / Telosys Tools : Packages" ) :
  - ${ROOT_PKG}  for the "root package"
  - ${ENTITY_PKG}  for the package where the entities classes are located

Examples for Java :
${ROOT_PKG}  :   ""
${ENTITY_PKG} : ""  ( or "", etc )

If you need other packages variables, they can be defined in the tab "Variables"
With a name like "DAO_PKG", "SERVICE_PKG", etc... ( ending with "_PKG" )

These variables can be used in the templates (.vm files) and in the targets definition ( templates.cfg file ). In the targets each variable ending by "_PKG" and used in the folder definition is transformed into a folder path ( ie : "" becomes "org/foo/bar" ). Hence the package variables can be used to define the destination of the code generation.

Examples in a template  :
  • import ${ROOT_PKG}.cache.${}Cache ;

Examples in targets definition (destination folder) :
  • ${SRC}/${ENTITY_PKG}
  • ${SRC}/${ROOT_PKG}/cache

NB :
For an existing project these two variables must be defined before any code generation. 
(your previous package configuration will be lost )
Check their values in "Properties / Telosys Tools : Packages" after installation of this new version 


Database configuration :

With Telosys Tools 2.0.6 it's no longer useful to define the databases with a text editor (databases.dbcfg file ).

It's now possible to configure databases entirely in the specialised editor (new, update, delete) :


Telosys Tools 2.0.6 Release Preview

Telosys Tools 2.0.6 Release Preview is available

The Eclipse Plugin Update site is here

jeudi 11 juillet 2013

Telosys Tools Forum

In order to facilitate the communication between Telosys Tools users
and developers a forum is open on

Do not hesitate to use it !

Telosys Tools version 2.0.5 is out !

Eclipse plugin version 2.0.5 has been released.

It comes with a template editor and the documentation embedded in Eclipse.

The template editor provides auto-completion

See the screenshots

Install the new plugin from Eclipse Markeplace