mardi 3 mars 2015

Telosys Tools ver 2.1.1 - What's new ?

The version 2.1.1 comes with interresting new features ...

The generator provides new objects usable in the templates in order to generate native JDBC requests.

These new objects are $jdbcFactory and $jdbc

Example :

With these new objects it's now very easy to generate DAO based on JDBC.

Another object has been added, the $h2 object.

This utility object can be used to generate the DDL for a "create table" statement in a "H2 database"
It has been design to facilitate the generation of JUnit tests using a H2 database "in memory".
Example :

New bundles of templates are available :
  • Java persistence based on native JDBC
  • Java persistence based on Spring JDBC
See these new bundles on GitHub :

The columns comments stored in the database are now available in the model.
The comments are now retrieved from the database and exposed in the model.
They can be used in the templates.
Example : $field.databaseComment

When generating the repository model it's now possible to use "regular expressions" to filter the table names. 
One "regular expression" to "include" and another one to "exclude" table names.
The "regular expressions" are based on the standard Java RegEx provided by the JDK.
Example :

When updating the repository model, the links are now updated when some "foreign keys" have changed in the database

Some bugs have been fixed

Especially the bug regarding duplicated attribute names. In the previous versions when an entity referenced another entity twice the same attribute name was used twice. Now the new system eliminates this risk by adding a number at the end of the name ( ie "author", "author2", "author3", ... )

10 commentaires:

  1. Updated to the latest version. Getting Telosys Tools Exception when generating repository.
    MySqlSyntaxErrorException 'group WHERE 1 = 0' at line 1.

  2. It's not due to this new version.
    It's just because 'group' is a reserved word in MySQL.
    'group' is not supposed to be used as a table name.

  3. Error when generating entities
    Template "ben_jpa.vm" (line 6) - Entity : "AUTHOR"
    Invalid reference (bean_jpa.vm line 6) $beanClass : get 'null'

  4. For JPA use this bundle :
    Please use the forum
    for any question

    1. After setting JPA dependencies in the pom.xml of my project according to pom dependencies, no change, same error.
      Can you be much more explicit to correct my problem please ?

    2. In this bundle there's no template "bean_jpa.vm"
      Do you mean "jpa_bean_with_links.vm"
      or "jpa_bean_pk.vm" ?
      We suggest to re-install (download) the bundle "persistence-jpa-TT210-R2" in order to be sure to use the correct set of templates.

  5. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

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